A Vision For Yumani

December 5, 2012

`Yumani is succeeding`

Yes, we are succeeding. We at Yumani, our staff, my colleagues and especially myself see tremendous excitement from both our buyers and sellers. We are seeing more auctions, more bids and more activity overall.

There are big saving percentages being offered by Yumani sellers (not 50% ) but not insignificant. But even after offering these savings, buyers are slow `closing the deal`. My Yumani friends…please understand that we are not a comparison shopping site. Our Yumani staff is ready to act as your advocate for the best price possible and even help you with your shopping if you need it. Just contact them at info@Yumani.com and they will do all they can to help you.

While you are never obligated to buy, if you find a good price, buy it! The more people that buy, the more your Yunited shopping voice is heard and the better pricing becomes. Our sellers are counting on you. Thank you for support.

Talk to you soon,

Henry Z

November 13 2012

`Listening to Yu`

Thank you to all of our Yumani customers and merchants. We have had an overwhelming response from thousands of first time visitors to our site since the launch on 10.11.12. We have hundreds of professional sellers registered and each day even more top sellers are joining Yumani`s e-commerce revolution.

With the start of any new company, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way. We have certainly had our share. The good news is that we have identified the technical challenges and we are working at lightning speed to make the necessary changes so that you can buy and sell seamlessly on Yumani in time for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the holiday shopping between now and the end of the year. These changes include an API for our sellers to automate many of their processes; major database improvements and back-end functionality.

If your first experience was less than perfect or perhaps you didn`t get a bid, or the bid wasn`t as attractive as you had hoped, please don`t be discouraged. We welcome back your business and look forward to serving you better. We are excited about the improvements and so is our selling community.


Henry Z

Why I Had No Choice But to Build It.

I have been blessed with great success in my life. Through hard work and a great deal of good fortune, I was able to rise from humble upbringings to what many would consider an American Dream. The companies that I have started have enjoyed success, and my latest venture, Z Hotel in New York , has far exceeded expectations.

One area, however, that has always baffled me was the internet. I am admittedly a simple man, always preferring a simple face–to–face meeting rather than a slew of emails, texts, and phone calls. As the internet revolution emerged, I found myself somewhat lost in what has become the largest marketplace in the world. When I was growing up, there was always a back and forth between a buyer and a seller. If I wanted to buy something, I was always able to speak with a representative and negotiate a fair price.

I’ve navigated the jungles of Amazon, and swam in the waters of eBay, but they seem counter to the way the web should work. Seriously, with online auctions, am I supposed to compete with other buyers to drive up the price of an item? The concept seems completely backwards! Why shouldn’t sellers compete for my business?

ENOUGH! I had to do something – and Yumani.com was born. Yumani is simple – sellers compete for your business. The result is that you receive a fair price on anything from home goods and electronics to watches and bikes. You request the item you want, kick back, and watch the offers come in. And most of all, Yumani needs to have a social conscience. Each week, Yumani will donate 100% of its profits on a select group of consumable necessities.

And for the seller, it’s actually a great system too. After learning about the amount of fees and surcharges companies like Amazon and eBay charge their sellers for the right to post, I made it our mission to create a system that is as inexpensive for them as possible. Yumani saves sellers expensive web marketing dollars. They can now stop searching for their customers online, and let Yumani drive the customers to them. No need for costly advertising, membership fees, or posting charges.

Sellers win and buyers win. It’s time to get down to business.

Henry Z.